Total Update and adding a new city….

The site will be undergoing some massive changes as I expand the blog into its second city while making it more mobile friendly.
Thanks for your patience, but this is long overdue!
John Wood

One Pair Of Comic Con Tickets To Give Away!

We Are Giving Away A Pair of St. Louis Comic Con Tickets

Send A Picture of a LOCAL Blues Band In Action To Win
This contest is simple! The price is a pair of the basic passes to enter the three-day 2013 St. Louis Comic Con event at America’s Center. The show is to be held March 22,23, and 24th.

Standards For The photograph that wins

Image must be of a local St. Louis Blues band performing in the St Louis region. The photographer must have rights to post the picture. The photographer releases the winning image to be posted on this site with attribution. All conditions as specified must be met for any submitted image to be qualified for this contest. [Read more...]